About Us

Opineworks is a small team with a mixture of folks with good amount of experience and passion from different background be it technical or non-technical.

Our Product

Our core strength lies in technical expertise around Web, Mobile and Data driven technologies. Moreover, we cannot just build products without a Subject Matter Expert, so we do partner with SME once we finalize on the area of interest.

  • RestoDX

    • RestoDX is platform which aligns to one of our objectives around Digital Transformation Journey. This platform helps the restaurateurs with ease of operations, increasing efficiency and building connection with their customers. This platform also helps the restaurant customers by providing them a complete digital experience considering the hygiene and convenience.
    • RestoDX restaurant management system also helps restaurateurs with multiple data points which can help them to improve on their day-to-day activities and measure it.
  • What Next?

    We already have few other areas which we are looking to explore into evolving around Data Solutions involving ML, AI. At the same time, we are keen to indulge ourself into building something around the field of national interest. If you an idea and want to partner with us. Please feel to reach out to us. We would be more then happy to discuss it out with the appropriate paperwork in place.

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